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Rough idle fg turbo


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I’ve recently purchased a fg turbo. With a built motor. Specs, manly, rods and pistons, crow cam valve springs, billet pump gears, pressure relief valve, acl bearings, car is tunned to 420 kw on 98 by precision racing. 1000cc Bosch injectors, 460 walbro, gfb fuel pressure gauge, 23 psi boost. Car drives amazing but for long periods of driving. And when stopping in park the idle gets real lumpy and the car shakes but goes back to normal after it idles for a few minutes or when the car is turned off and back on. Really stuck and not sure what’s going on. Only hoping it’s tune related not timing related 

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Not a lot of point guessing, because after all the guessing you'll still need to put a scanner on it to see what it does when it stalls.

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