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2009 fg turbo start up


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Last 2 months noticed it's taking longer and longer to start up from cold start if I pump some gass it speeds it up a bit. , once warmed up say when I shoot into a shop and come out turn it over it starts up no issues atall , just curious should I be worried ? Isn't terrible just some times takes maybe 5 odd secconds . 

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The main reason a car won't start properly with everything mechanically fine, is if the cranking fuel amount is incorrect. This can be tune related but could also indicate a fuel issue elsewhere.


It's pretty easy to check your fuel filter, especially worth a look if you suspect the fuel is poor quality. If water is in the fuel you can mix in a few litres of E85 which will mix with the water and in turn with the 98, then burn it off, rather than sucking water from the bottom of the tank.


It could be that the tune is out, but no way to tell unless looking at it.


Could be your battery is stuffed and cranking the engine too slowly to start?


It shouldn't take 5 seconds of cranking to start the car, something is definitely up.

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It could well be the battery can't leave the radio on for 5 min without it not starting I'll start there first replace that then see where I'm at , I'd say tune should be fine as it's only not Long started to happen but will look into it as well , I'll try the fule thing as well , the fule pump and filter are 15,000km old , it's been the wettest year on record for nz so indeed could be that also , will have to check every thing you've suggested thanks for the help

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