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Converters and cams


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I’m building a Barra to put in my Toyota Cressida but that’s another story I just wanted to know what high stall I should use for stage 4 cams should I be running a 3000rpm stall or more?

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Not the smartest when it comes to converters, but I do know its not just about your cam specs when looking for a converter. You'll need to go to a converter shop, or your tuner, with your engine specs, driveline (like what trans you're running, if its built, etc), what you're planning to do with the car and all that. 


You give that kinda info to someone in the know, they'd confidently give you a stall recommendation and it'll be the correct spec! You don't wanna guess when it comes to that kinda stuff. It'll lead to performance, and its a PITA to have to change down the track.

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