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Driveline shudder at 50kph


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Hi folks,


I have a BA 6 speed manual turbo.   It's mint.


Last time I went for a trip down south I didn't realize how sharp the crest of a hill was and I got a tiny bit airborn... it wasn't much..  nothing seemed wrong and I drove the rest of the way home fine... but that was at 80-100kph.


Next day I drove to my kids school and it has a pronounced shudder at 50kph.   It goes away at 40 and it goes away at 60.. but at 50 it's pretty bad.

I'm about to pull the driveshaft off and ship it to a mob here for balancing and then I noticed a youtuber called motoringbox had the same issue and it turned out to be the fluid damper thing that bolts to the diff flange....    (I don't know what it's called)


The diff is a FG cradle with new rubbers and my old center and has been perfect for about a year..... the centre bearing is new....



Has anyone had this and if so, what fixed it?






I'm an existing member but my old UWA address is gone and it doesn't log on here anymore anyway so I had to start again.

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Try loosening off the two bolts that hold the centre bearing in, let it self centre again then do them up. Just need a 10mm socket with an extension on the ratchet.

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On 24/11/2022 at 3:20 PM, BAxr6Turbo04 said:

yeah I thought it might be that too.. so I jacked the car up.. took the back wheels off completely and it still shudders at exactly 50kph.    😞

yeah as I said in the previous post it does it up on stands with no wheels on and at 50kph.. so not tyres or wheels..

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troof ^^ there's no 50 zone that exists that shouldn't actually be 60, imho :P :stirthepot:


40 zones sort of make sense, for schools & whatnot :P

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