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HJ's build thread


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Been up in Queensland for 2 weeks. Then back to Victoria, oh my...


Water meth tank has been cut and folded. Just out now with the welder to tack it all up, then I can do a test fit. 


Wanted to install an oil pressure sensor. 50,000 fittings later... Used the Honeywell 0-150psi sensor from EFI Hardware



Pulled the intake manifold today and mocked up the Aquamist kit for a stealth install. Few happy pics if it help someone out in the future. 


Spaced the nozzle back about 20mm from the inside of the flange



Using the callipers as a height gauge to get the vertical height the same across all 6 ports. Goes without saying, use a centre punch once y and z lines are marked. 



Roughed in. I'll cover the hose with a black braid or more likely some silicone heat sleeving for the final install.







Still have good access


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In what I hope to be the first and last episode of do as I say not as I do...


Nearly junked the turbo inlet manifold. Mounting the supplied meth fittings onto the radius of the runner is not a good idea. Had to spot face it to save the job. What happened is there is not enough thread on the fitting to fully engage which = big leaks.

In hindsight, if you're going to order the direct port bundle from Cool Runnings Engineering and you're looking to do a stealth install, ask for the 4mm 90deg angle nozzles and use the small cast bosses opposite the injector as the mounting point. The straight nozzles won't fit there as they'll foul on the heater core supply pipe that runs along the side of the block.  







I've just put the blanking plugs in for now as it will be a while before I get the meth kit fully installed. Just concentrating on getting the engine back in and running on a base tune for now. 


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It would not be the most fun trying to ali weld a tiny fitting like that into a manifold. More than likely it wouldn't work cos it would melt the fitting.

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