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FG XR6 turbo milkshake

R ichard

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Have you dropped the trans oil yet to see if it's farked? This is something you should have done immediately, along with removing the failed oil cooler to prevent further/any coolant ingress.

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I wanted to do this mod to mine. I never got around to doing it as I dropped the adapt enable to 50degrees which made a world of difference. But after all that I only very recently put the adapt enable back to stock and deleted my external cooler and went back to a new OEM heat exchanger. Time will tell if I'm an idiot. But I figured with regular servicing, making sure coolant is in top condition and replacing the heat exchanger every few years I should be fine. I'm also a big fan of things been kept at reasonably constant thermal temps as that is what they are designed to run at for clearances and sh*t. No ZF data for that last comment, but that's what our steam turbines like and its something that's ingrained into me here at work so I just carry that on at home. And yeah, if it does milkshake then I can justify the 6R80 build, call myself an idiot and re-install my external again lol. 

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