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Ba xr6 turbo stalls


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hi guys, I recently bought a ba xr6 turbo with a btr in it. I'm having a problem where basically the engine stalls and normally after it stalled it will not crank over. Sometimes it will crank straight away but most of the times it will take a minute or two until I can start the engine again. this issue can happen at any condition at all. Already installed new coils, plugs and a new crank angle sensor. Apart from the car drives fine. Any ideas of what could it be?

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I don't think the car is driving normally otherwise, you might just not know it's not driving great in a certain way... but that's just a guess. Stalling can happen due to vacuum leaks and the tune or stock tune can't handle the situation properly... but what sort of symptoms prevent it cranking for 2 minutes? e.g a click like a low battery trying to turn the starter motor?

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