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Pulsar turbos


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I have no physical experience. Everything I have read is good and they give great detailed video's and are heavily involved in Drag Racing. That being said, anything online is up for debate, I hope you get some real world testing responses to help you. Side note* Drag Racing is the most awesome testing ground.
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Well they're cheap for starters, ball bearing and in some cases are a bolt on unit for Falcons.


I've tuned a couple of these turbos in different vehicles, and in stock form the 3584rs has poor boost control. With some wg porting and a different actuator the boost control was perfect.


I'd recommend getting one providing you can set it up properly.

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someone was complaing they had poor boost control? might have been like max performance or someone. 


I think they had to go ext gate or some dribble. sound like crap turbos. 


I keep thinking of the car nissan when pulsar is mentioned. ? 🤣

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