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Forum Software Costs FY22 - 6 Month Renewal - Donations Wanted.


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29 minutes ago, biddie_fiddler said:

Does that mean my $20 donation will be pointless now? 🥺🤣

No donation is pointless :)  It all goes towards running the site over time.

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  • Puff
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While it's a good thing to meet the donation goals, the bulk of it shouldn't have to come from 1 member, whether or not they can afford it. There are sh*tloads of people using this site and if they all chucked it just $2 we would probably be set for a few years. Even the regulars that are signed in every day could make a huge dent with a small donation.


@biddie_fiddler your $20 is $20 more than 99% of the rest of the site visitors, and cheers @JETURBO for getting the job done.

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I'll work my way up to gold donating member, $20 at a time ;) 🤣🤣


And I completely agree with you puff. @JETURBO is a legend for paying the difference in one swoop. I think a lot of it comes down to peoples lack of knowledge (whether they just don't know or are being completely naïve) of running websites. People take forums for granted these days, that's a fact. End of the day, sh*t ain't free. The more people understand that, the more support there'd be financially, and I think there'd also be more appreciation for forums such as this

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Just donated $100 towards your next one 

cheers for the great Forum 

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