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Can anyone here help with a Ford Parameter Reset (Module Recoding) ECU flash in Canberra?


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Odd times, but trying to take advantage of my Brother being in town - I require a Falcon FG Mk2 and FGX code reading and parameter reset,then in about another week, a parameter reset for a 2003/2004 Transit Van, the work will be over a week or so. Brother is here on holidays from North Queensland and is a Ford mechanic, but without contacts here to get the required equipment.  Are there any peeps here that have access to the gear to do this?  Sucks everyone's closed to start, and the dealership never seems interested in helping me do the fancy things I'm wanting to do anyway... -_-


The FGX was bought from Auction with a Transmission fault, and while I was waiting for the Belco Ford Dealership to get back to me on mechanical similarities between a spare FG Mk2 XR transmission I have, and the FGX (which they never did), I got impatient and plugged in an XR6 instrument cluster, which made the FGX *VERY* Upset with me...  I also want to have the FG Mk2 XR instrument cluster matched to my FG Mk1 ute (if that's possible) and I have an FG Mk2 ute I may have to gut & transplant into it if I want the touchscreen ICC out of the XR6 I have here too, so hoping to have a conversation about the viability of that effort.


Many questions, much to do, and of course, my Brother wants to do practical things, like a 2004 Transit Van parameter reset for the manual conversion and a fuel something, something, something so he has a way to get home with his van...



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