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FailedRepy=1 on topic

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Topic in question:


I can't reply to this, when I do the page just refreshes and the URL ends in "FailedReply=1"


But replying with "TEST" is fine????

This is the original reply that fails:


What about ultrex? 

They're a popular brand for turbo exhausts too  

I'd say x-force offers the best quality and sound of all the options on the market. I have an ultrex 4" dump and 5" cat and its been fine. Only issue is there is no measure for reinstalling the lower bolt of the heat shield like it does on the stock dump.

x-force have this in place though so its 100% bolt-on like the factory one.

I think x-force are the most popular brand of them all, many shops include their exhausts in their relative performance packages.

I have heard both ultrex and x-force on turbo cars. I personally prefer the x-force, but will be going with ultrex because 1. they are based in perth and 2. they are cheaper. 

TL;DR: x-force, ultrex, and manta are all decent enough brands and you can't really go wrong with any of them.


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So I did some testing with your post... you can have all of the characters except the "t" on "cat" via the "edit/submit" process... that's a bloody weird issue... If anybody gets this sort of weird issue, just PM me the details and I'll sort it out... I'll raise the problem with invision to see if they have any ideas as to what would cause something so specific...


Thanks for the reporting of the problem.

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