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Okay sorry to drain everyone,


I have tried to look up numerous forums but cant find the answer (real answer is to go back to Tuner but leading to Christmas time its too hard to get in and the tuner is over an hour away) 


Had my car tuned and ended up needing to change my timing chain so went with an empire elite one and all went well


however a couple of things are happening since.. 


the car still sounds like it has a slight rattle to it, to a stranger itll sound like a lifter but the mechanic is saying its just the timing chain because its heavy duty but I dont believe that fully


2) when in P and idling the car is shaky. Changed the o2 sensor (upstream one) and still happening and had changed the coil packs and is also happening 


Mechanic said it might be spark plugs which is the next thing I do however I dont want to waste my time either as the car has only recently been tuned


Weirdly, when the aircon is on the shaking is very minimal which makes me think that when in idle its a matter of the car just being tuned to idle to low or do I have something bigger on my hands


Worse comes to it I can just go back to the tuner and take a day off work but I also want to learn as I go because it isnt something I have come across before and dont want to change parts for no reason 


I am thinking it could even be a lazy injector

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The engine idles up when the Aircon is going as one fan runs also with it. What model do you have? BA's were renowned for stalling issues anyway so idling used to be raised up around 850-900 with aircon. If it almost disappears with Aircon on I'd guess it's either a load based issue or your engine mounts are toast. Mine F6X rattles its tits off in gear with the aircon on or off and less so in neutral or park but I've been super lazy as it's to humid for me to bother getting outside on the car! 


I'd try with the aircon off and car a full operating temp, just put it in neutral and raise the rpm under 1000rpm to see if it smooths out. Also try lightly blipping the throttle so it goes just over 1000rpm and see if it wants to stall (revs drop instantly below normal idle). 

More experienced people will have to chime in for anything else but they will say "back to tuna" more than likely... 

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