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Hi All,

As you notice once a year, we drive our members to try and help with the dues of running the website and keeping things upgraded, and operational.


In addition to this we rely on our advertiser's to help us cover the costs of the web server in which we host the site on every month. This is paid for by our advertiser's and in addition our google ads, and advertising which run on the site. Together combined allows us to offer this website to our members monthly with no problems.


Unfortunately today we were informed that our current (and only) advertiser Autotech Engineering will no longer be continuing advertising on our site. This leaves the website in a deficit of $250 per month, and thus causes us to relook at the future of the site.


Thus we are reaching out to all our current members, and visitors, that if you do know of a current tuner, or you are a business that would like to advertise on the site, please let us know. Our rates start at $100 a month, and go up to $250 per month for advertising - These are still the same rates from when we started, so happy to keep the same to keep the site afloat. A small price to pay for a website that has been around for such a long time!


Please contact me directly to discuss, but would appreciate to keep the feelers out!

Thanks again for your support! 

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