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Insights/Feedback into build?


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Hey Guys,


Wanting some of your insights on what you think I should do in terms of build. The car is a bit of a mix n match it started life as a NA, then was swapped to a BA turbo engine, but the box Is still a T5 which I dont really have confidence in, new clutch recently went in (Exedy Stock).


I am prepping for tune and considering going E85 but wondering whether my drive train will sh*t the bed if I try make any decent power.


Below is the existing supporting mods:

Valve springs

255 walbro 

60 ib Injectors 

4 inch dump and full exhuast

FG turbo 3576 

(Car currently has a tune)


I have already broken transmission coupling shortly after getting the car back from new clutch and valve springs which was replaced with a Kelpro coupling (no dramas since)


I'm torn as to whether I throw a set of 1000cc Injectors and walbro 460 at it and try make as much as I can on E85 or just keep the  existing set up and get a retune on 98.


I'd really like to go e85 and try for 350 wheel but I'm concerned about my drivetrain. What do you guys think?

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T5 will go bye bye really fast with the mods you already have, let alone the next step you're considering... next will be the N/A diff, if the clutch holds up long enough to transmit the power to it...


but realistically, you CAN have "roadside assistance" and save up for a gearbox/tailshaft/diff upgrade setup for the future and enjoy the modification pathway with the ability to recover to a more desirable state of driveline functionality :)

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