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Retarded timing

Frank Castle 85

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Good to hear that your stalling problems have been resolved.


Could you post up a data log of the original problem? 


PM me if you prefer.


I am keen to see if you were indeed having ignition timing problems. Doubt it.

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I believe it’s the cam caps, check to see if there’s scoring. If they’re not on correctly and in order they’ll ruin your day.


I’ve spent a further 8.9k diving deep into this. So I bought an NA head and changing over the exhaust valves, springs, with new headstuds and then chucking it on. But waiting on parts to arrive. I’m not taking anything from my Turbo head and not using the same headstuds. I’ve changed absolutely everything lol. Except the head. I believe I’ll be able to unlock the timing and this issue will be fixed, but won’t know until the head is completed. 


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Hahaha if your builder is human, mistakes can happen.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was told this common problem was rare. Then when searching the internet I’ve come across a lot, had discussions like this thread which confirms that I’ve done everything prior to locking the cams. 

Locking the cams does fix the issue, just no one in the tuner world can give me a definite answer if this is a bandaid solution or an actual fix, for that reason alone, that’s why I bought an NA head. Parts are cheap, so then it’ll be over 10.5-11k on this issue. Haha :(((( 


Keep me posted on how yours turns out.

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