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Just got my MkII FG turbo tuned to 280rwkw on E10 fuel.

It feels so much stronger throughout the rev range, but, only once boost comes on.

I know that off-boost it won't feel any different, but it almost feels like boost takes longer to come on now. Like a whole 1-2 seconds before it hits max boost, starting at say 3000rpm. Is normal for the stock turbo? Is there anyway to improve this?

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Without sounding rude or ignorant, why are you using e10?


You’re the first person I’ve heard of that actually uses e10. Why not 98?


When I got my tune done, I didn’t really notice lag per se, it instead feels like a more aggressive boost strategy. In other worlds, less linear than stock. In a way, I suppose in a way this can “feel” more laggy, but it comes on much harder. Saying that, I also have bigger piping and ic.

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Haha good question. Mainly I was curious as to how well it stacks up to 98. Seems I missed out on around 30kw when compared to 98 but I'm happy with that. I drive my car a lot and am only on max boost once in a rare while.


I think I get what you're saying, the boost seems to come on in stages. e.g. no boost -> stock boost -> extra boost. Certainly less linear than stock. So that's just how it goes I guess?

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Who tuned the car?? 
It's to do with the tune set up id say, when my F6 had minor mods and was tuned there was no more lag then stock and still had that stockish linear power delivery feel.


But best way to improve it is a better tune I'd say best person to speak to is the person who tuned it he mite have set it up that way due to the E10 fuel. 


Don't want to sound rude or anything but if you want  to run around on E10 a tuned turbo probably ain't the best platform to do it on,, regardless of that all the best with it!

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Making 13 PSI now, still gets there after a second or two of giving it a bootful.

Was tuned by Joe from CMS - I trust that he's done as good as can be with the fuel and setup. 

Might look at getting a 2nd tune on 98 some day, then I can switch back and forth when necessary.

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