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Intermittent high idle on start with rough idle

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G'day all.


I am having a weird issue with my 2004 BA XR6T. Sometimes on start it will give a big rev to 2K and slowly wind back over 30 seconds or so to 1K. If I select a gear it runs like it's running on 4 or 5 cylinders with a check engine light.

Turning it off and starting it again fixes it to its normal average idle.


It only happens a few times a year and I can't reliably replicate it, just randomly happens some times.


So far I have cleaned TB, reset ECU  and looked for vaccume leaks with no change. 


Car is stock with 200K on it.


Anyone seen this before or have any ideas on it?

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It's probably going to be close to impossible to diagnose an intermittent issue that only happens only a few times a year and you have no way of confirming if you've actually fixed it other than the be surprised into the negative result...



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