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A few members have shown some interest in one of my other projects and Have asked me to post some pics of it's progress. Now, I know that it's not a Ford. But I hope that you appreciate it anyway.


Here goes..


I purchased this tired old girl just in December 2019. I'd had during me 20's and unfortunately it was stolen and burnt out. I really loved the car and I decided to bring this old girl back to life..


The car was purchased for Emerald in Queensland. She was really rough, but she was all there. Engine and box were in an unknown condition, so I got it for a reasonable price. 




Unbeknown to me, some time around three months before Hol-den went to the VP model. Hol-den trialed the VP colour (Alaskan White) on some vehicles.  This makes it pretty rare. 


I had a bit of time off around this time, so I start to strip the old girl. 

Remember when I said that it was rough.... LOL


And I kind of got a bit carried away...

It ended up being completely stripped and a rotisserie installed.












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8 hours ago, HI PSI said:

really rough

that's an understatement :)


looks like a lot of work... as long as a Barra goes it in, it'll be great :stirthepot:


moved this thread to ... "frankensteins" seems appropriate.

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Thank you for all for the kind words. It is appreciated. I'll try to keep this as interesting as possible.


This build started as a complete restoration. Nothing was to be modified. At all!! As it come off the production line.. No if's, Not but's... To be honest, that theme kinda got a little lost on its journey. 


This is where to real story begins.


Once on the rotisserie, I arranged top get the engine bay and undercarriage soda blasted. Expensive, but money well spent. the prep time saved here is phenomenal.


Sunday the car was blasted. Monday, the car was irrigated, washed and dried. Tuesday all blasted areas were primed. Thursday the undercarriage and bay was in colour. wow that sounds so easy sounds so easy, when you say it all in a short sentence. All prep on this car is my own work. My paint guy (Craig) applied the colour. The guy is awesome!!!!








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As you can see in the pic above, I still had some rust issues to sort. Fortunately, it was a country car and it only required a few minor repairs. 


The battery tray was unpicked and a good unit installed and repainted. Minor rust repairs were made to the lower rear screen, boot rubber lip and spare wheel well. We also stripped and primed the roof while we were there.







In my spare time :Sug1: I started to prep the suspension components. As with all builds, ever bush joint and bearing has been replaced in the car. All were blasted, primed and prepped for paint. Around this time, I learnt that prepping parts was not much fun. By now my  fingers no longer had prints and were starting to bleed. I was like, F&#k, what have I got myself in to....





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So you've turned a 2 grand banga into an expensive 2 grand banga?!


Nah looks sik though, a full resto vn ss will be worth a sh*tload now and even more in 20 years :launch:

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Only one?? lol



Well, I guess that some of you can see where this is headed..


Apologies, I'm in camp and I cannot find any good pics of the suspension components on my laptop. The diff pic will give you an idea of the finished product.







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I just love watching the paint go on, seeing it transform. I was always peering through the window whenever he painted my bits. I'm pretty sure that he thinks that I'm a weirdo. :crazystuff:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry for the lack of updates. Work has had me run off my feet..


After another week of prep. I managed to get some more parts painted black. I always tried to fill the booth as much as I could, So that I could maximise productivity and average down the cost. As I mentioned earlier, I prepped all of the parts and I essentially paid an hourly rate plus materials for the application. 


Here we have have some of the drip rail trims, sway bars, tank straps, door handles, sway bar mounts, fuel pump/regulator mounts and gear stick tunnel trim. I cannot begin to describe how much time and work goes in to this stuff. Especially with all metal components were taken back to bare metal. But, the reward is well worth the effort...















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As usual, I got a bit carried away with prepping the metal panels, I went a bit nuts and bare metaled everything, inside and out. I seem to have lost a few prep pics from when I was prepping the inner guards. But you get the idea with the pics of the outer skins.


I'm sure that you're sick of seeing black stuff, so here is some Alaskan White... Guards, rear bumper, skirts, mudguard supports etc... 


























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Before I could start assembling the car, I had to finish the body. I spent a lot of time on the body, making sure that everything was as good as it could be. The results speaks for itself...


After the white was applied, the firewall blackout was finalised..

















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Somewhere around this time, I started purchasing parts for the driveline. Now, remember when I said that this was going to be a restoration... This is where things started to change from the intended path.


Originally, I had intended on just installing a stroker kit. My engine told me that I would waste my money going down that path, as the standard manifold wouldn't support it to its full potential.  I'm not one to waste money. So the original engine and gearbox were put on a pallet and stored.  The search for an alternative heart commenced.


While searching the net I can across this. I contacted the seller and soon enough, the engine was on its way from W.A. It's a SS Group A, 4 bolt mains block. It had Yella Terra forged rods and Ross forged pistons. The block has fire rings and was set up for boost.


The engine was originally built by Mark's Workshop in W.A and stored as the previous owner had changed direction. The engine is still awaiting a full strip down, clean and reassembly. I have everything for the engine except a camshaft (Hydraulic roller). Sourcing a billet for the engine has proved difficult and we have aske Ivan Tighe to make us a unit to our specifications.
















Oops. Forgot to show the inside of the doors... 









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