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C63s dump pipes and tune

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Hey guys just for those interested had my C63s in for dump pipes and tune...

made 390rwkw,, down pipes & k&n air

filters are the only mods also had the transmission re calibrated.. 

Keen to see how it goes havnt picked it up yet should sound mental as the amg catbacks are a 3inch stainless exhaust from factory only Restriction is the dump pipes as the cats are apart of the dumps I’m now running 100cell cats.


wasnt going to Mod this car but an opportunity came up to get the dump

pipes for absolutely Nothing ( got them in exchange for doing a small job for a client who decided not to go ahead with installing them) 

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Well mines got 40k kays on the clock not a single issue mechanically so far, my older C63 507 edition I had I put 120k Klms on it and never had an issue the AMGs I believe are mechanically better then the regular models (mite be wrong but I’ve never had an issue) 

Build quality wise it’s the best car I’ve ever had (have had BMW M cars and Audi RS cars before) and this cars been rock solid the way the way the doors close and the touch materials are all great (not a cheap car so it’s to be expected I guess) but yea there built really well.


I service every 7500kays when the manufacturers intervals are every 20000kays 🤔 which I’m sure helps...

they take 10litres of fully synthetic which I’m sure helps with oil longevity  but 20000kays is way to much..


oh and yea they sound ridiculously good when in sports plus or race mode the crackles on overrun are addictive... probs my Favourite part of the car tbh is the different maps on the ecu there really is a huge difference between comfort, sport, sport plus and race....


for comparison my F6 isn’t built as well but it’s a lot more roomy and it’s never given me a mechanical problem either... and seeing as though my f6 is going 11 years old and modified im happy!! 

well unless you count diff bushes as a mechanical problem but that’s very very minor in my eyes it’s a shame that Ford never got the rear end right same issues since the BA 

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Nws Tom thank you :),, oh mate tbh I earn just abit above average from my work I was smart/lucky with a couple of my investments when I was younger and I’m an old I <3 Bananaser now haha plus the misses works full time so that helps... 

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