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Long time listener. First time caller. 335kw FG Ute

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Hello all,


I've been lurking around here for a year or so absorbing as much info as I could and recently bought a near stock 2011 FG XR6t ute in manual.


My limited (budget) mods:


- X-Force 4 inch dump, "VERY" High Flow Cat, full system with centre muffler delete (Bought 2nd hand)


- Battery relocation, Cold air intake, hard metal piping.


- F6 intercooler.


- F6 injectors.


- 460 Fuel pump.


335.5rwkw @ 15psi


Just got home from the tuners and am very happy. Just wanted a nice, fun street car.



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I asked for a nice, street-able power curve to minimise wheel spin.


Also had the traction control modified to allow some wheel spin before reducing torque by pulling timing only so it keep revs, fuel and boost going. Much better than factory traction control.

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^ haha.


I'm probably older than most of the people on here and am content with what I've got. It's just a daily driver,  not a track car.


It can spin the wheels now, hence my desire for a linear power curve and modified traction control.


I have no use for extra power that I can't put to the ground.


Happy to watch you all play with big numbers though.

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You’ve got good power but 500 can be put to the ground if you set the car up properly..


actually yea the injectors probably do have allitle room I just realised the cars a manual and was rolled up on a hub dyno so that’s probably showing a slightly higher power figure the manual results in less driveline loss...

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I was under The assumption bcoz the sheet

Says axle speed that it’s a hub?


I know Blakehurst auto have a hub only recently purchased,, don’t know if they still have the roller Dyno though 

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 thanks for getting back and confirming dyno type, even on a roller I’m sure those mods would be into the early 300s :) ,, btw was never doubting you or anything just found it interesting that F6 injectors would make over 330 seen a couple of cars with F6 injectors and ran out of squirt in the high 200s early 300s... enjoy the new found power!!

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