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Ford falcon xr6 turbo ba overboosting

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I’ve been having overboosting troubles with my ba ford falcon xr6 turbo. When I floor the car or hold the accelerator for long enough for boost to rise the car cuts and backfires from the exhaust and the car continues to make a rumble from the exhaust when I press down on the throttle and also the throttle has like no response until I turn the car of and on again. I’ve had new coils and sparks fitted and also a boost controller.


The car has a stock tune, with a battery/turbo side relocation and a plazmaman stage 1 intercooler

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that whole post is a literal list of everything you should not do on a turbo falcon in that manner 


Go see a reputable turbo falcon workshop mate 

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You don't need a boost controller, the car has a better one built into the pcm. The other mods don't really matter at this time.


You shouldn't floor it when the car is having issues. This is the same for any car and any piece of machinery. Hell it's the same for your food processor.


In the short term remove the boost controller and run the stock system until you can get it tuned. At the very least turn the boost controller down to a max of 10psi or until it drives normally again.

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Yeah look man if you search for overboost you will find all of the reasons why it could be. A bit that I cut out of my first reply was; the intake and intercooler wont be helping the situation, but since you mentioned a boost controller I pointed it there...which is now irrelevant.


Check the solenoid/actuator lines for cracks/splits etc.


While I can guess all day, you really need to get it checked by a competent ford tuner as they will give you a correct answer fairly quickly. Should only take a couple of hours/$300 or less to sort out.

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