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FGX G6E Exhaust options

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Hey guys


I'm looking for exhaust options for a FGX G6E (Turbo back)

I have had a couple BF's that I have removed cats, fit larger injectors an tuned. 

With larger builds I have done catless turbo back exhausts, and Plazmaman intercooler kits, which have needed the wastegate mod to help boost control.


This car is standard and I am looking to fit a turbo back (High flow cat), 750cc injectors and tune.

Will a high flow cat restrict this system enough to negate the need for wastegate modification?


I assume exhaust size/design comes into play as well.


I have only used Difilippo in the past, looking for other recommendations.


Thanks in advance

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Depends on what your power goal and budget is really. I fitted an ultrex 4” dump and high flow cat to my factory exhaust with a middle muffler delete. with 1000cc injectors it made 316kw at the hubs. Stock 3576 turbo.
4” turbo back systems from x force and ultrex are becoming increasingly popular with figures to match. X force is really hard to get your hands on atm though from what I’ve heard.
those are the only two companies I often hear of when someone says they’ve “fitted an exhaust” to their cars. 

Could always go completely custom if you have he budget for that kinda thing. 🤷‍♂️

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Mines tuned to 16psi and it’s been fine so far. Only ever spiked over 16psi once since the tuned. Think it hit 17 

personally, I don’t see the point in modifying the 3576 turbos because they’re so inefficient after 14ish psi. IMO it’s better to just save that money and put it towards a better turbo. 

or just send the b$tch and put a screamer on it

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I’m allitle late to the party but I got a full custom system done by Liverpool exhaust 4inch dump into 100cell cat to 3.5 inch from catback and it’s great 5 years on and no rust etc good quality system,, wasn’t to much more then what an Xforce was..


and ironically at the time I was after an xforce system also but for the life of me no one had any in stock 

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