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ZF box ? playing up at drags

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Okay just because I’m bored in a meeting I’ll play the game with just my own direct customers that I found back through photos .... you know because been there done that, what would I know .... 🤣


We’ve been playing the “ What MPH does your dyno sheet trap” for over a decade on the XR6T platform and I’m being generous with the above post statement as there was some very staunch members who would kick you every which way to Sunday if you had a 400rwkw car that couldn’t trap 127mph minimum. Remember your fastest run typically will generate the days lowest MPH but as a general my above post statement is true if you actually have those RWKW numbers ;) 


Car 1 - Our own FG F6 R&D car 

stage 1 package 280-290rwkw / 11 seconds guaranteed with ZF 


11.86 @ 116.6 MPH - 289.7rwkw 








Georges FG XR6T - Stage 3 package 380-400rwkw Sub 11.5 guaranteed with ZF 


11.29 @ 128.75 - 388rwkw 







Jarrad FG XR6T Stage 4 package 450-500rwkw 10 seconds guaranteed with ZF 


10.88 @ 134.67 - 468rwkw with a worn ZF 







 True story is true .....

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Brilliant post - thanks! Haha love those sorts of meetings (sometimes).


Very interesting seeing those slips and how the cars perform - especially the 11.29 @ 128.75 - the 60' was terrible @ 2.002 yet the MPH is getting up there! I wouldn't be surprised if that's a 10 second et if he can get that 60' down to a 1.7**

That 10.88 must have struggled to get moving as well - that MPH should be a LOW 10!

I know it's a different beast altogether, but there's a 2010 GT that runs low (10.3) to mid (10.6) 10's @ 128-130MPH at my track. So I'm surprised to see that the 10.88 above wasn't much lower! Guess traction might have been an issue?


Found my fastest slip from 17th Jan 2021 - unfortunately it's faded so hard to see and doesn't photograph very well but it reads:

(if in doubt - time is here..... NSDW quals - car 043)










Most of my passes regardless of an 11.5 or a 12.2 - all trap around the 120-121MPH range. I've got a couple of dozen of them over the whole season.


I'm pretty confident that the 346.8rwkw that she pulled on the dyno was accurate. She did 5 or more full pulls (fairly back to back too) on the dyno and each time was around the same power - maybe a 1-2rwkw in it. My rear tyres were shredded by the time we were done - was on a roller dyno - not hub.

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You can Rab but it will actually prove my point to a higher level and show we have lower reading Dyno’s vs Vic ;) 


MPH doesn’t lie 

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No real tuner uses a Dynapack ;)


Our R&D F6 was on our Dyno Dynamics 




The two XR6’s was on a 2014

mainline WD1200 Chassis Dyno 




All the cars I’ve tuned in 2019-2020

was a 2018 Mainline AWD AWD1200




All my recent cars are on a 2021 Mainline AWD ProHub 4300HP 




Pretty much had the most current technology all of the time 


You just can’t fudge MPH it is what it is 


Roller Dyno Dynamics are the easiest to get higher numbers 


Roller Mainlines are pretty repeatable but can gain a few RWKW with super loose straps 


Mainline Hub Dyno’s are unfudgeable as it removes variable situations and has the built in weather station

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Ha well, have you had a play with the intake probe attached to the DD weather station ? Doesn’t need to be moved far for big changes 


VN SS usual stuff- Atlas Grey,LS1 big single turbo,TH400


on Hoist, Nissan Cefero 1000hp 2JZ fully spec for comp Drift with the best of everything 

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Just now, JETURBO said:

Ha well, have you had a play with the intake probe attached to the DD weather station ? Doesn’t need to be moved far for big changes


Haha I haven't personally played with it yet but I did see it make a 20rwkw difference in an na ls, by it being moved from the room to the engine bay near the firewall. I reckon most of my runs would be 20-40kw higher if I got the temp from my filter instead of the room.


Hectic VN v8 ftw!!!

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I didn't get a chance to try any second gear launches this weekend just gone (fun day for the Night Speed Drag Wars series I competed in) but was able to get some pretty consistent times.

Managed 3 back to back 11.5**'s all at around 121.**MPH. Best was 11.515 @ 121.46MPH with  60' of 1.786. Fastest MPH on the day was 122.22.

Feels like the stock 122k old suspension might be letting me down on the launch - although the wheelspin is what probably what saves my driveline haha


Had the Mrs drive my XR6T while I drove her XR8 - side by side - epic fun watching your car cruise past with your mrs at the wheel and with your foot WELDED to the floor!


She ran an 11.7 in mine and I did a 12.4 in hers.

Also went for a ride in her dads GT and with me as passenger he did a 10.4 - serious full trim street car that one!



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11.5’s and 122’s is showing there’s pretty much nothing wrong with the car to consistently do that ballpark and it’s making pretty much ballpark 340-350rwkw 


Don't think you have any issues at all mate, well done :) 

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