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Price of fuel this evening


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Guys..... I know this has been discussed before but wow tonight went to fill up at BP, Campbeltown NSW and 98 fuel was almost 1.80 like wtf..... there must be some form of price gouging going on or something, how is it they charge almost 1.80 but Costco can charge 1.28 for 98 at the moment why such a price difference? 

tbh owning both a v8 and turbo 6 at home one car mite have to go for a diesel it’s just getting to dear to run both.... can’t justify 200 bucks a week fuel between me and my partner... when fuel was dirt cheap at the start of this covid crap it was fine but now it’s just to much 

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standard stuff, mate... use an app called PetrolSpy and it'll find the ones that's cheapest close enough to you to be worth it.

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