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lacking of grip

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gday everyone got a xr6 turbo fg and got around 300rwkw and lacking of grip a lot... already got decent grip on but got stock 18 inch wheels. whats everyone recommend doing to get grip and also doing a heap more mods in the future chasing 500rwkw later on. do I go a bigger wheel with knew diff set up or what? cheers  

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300+ kW is around the point where in lower gears (1,2) you can punch it and it'll probably wheelspin irrelevant of what sort of street-legal rubber you put on there, unless the tuner has made the boost come in quite soft and even, then that point moves up a bit towards the 350 mark... you can upgrade the stickiness of the tyres but there's only so much you can do with liberal use of the throttle above 300... if you want to grip on the street at all with more than 400, you need semi-slicks and they're dangerous AF in the wet but will often grip up in the dry.


Best solution is to have the tuner soften the boost delivery for your street tunes and if you want to drag race then put in a more aggressive tune. Another solution is to learn to modulate the throttle yourself so you don't wheelspin in certain scenario's where you would rather have grip ;)

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