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Xr6t 03 being temperamental

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So I have a 03 BA XR6 Turbo and it seems to be having an issue that the mechanics can't seem to find so im coming here in hopes for answeres! 


After driving my car for about an hour or 2 it will go into I guess limp mode where I can rev it but it won't physically go anywhere you have to tap the accelerator to go maybe 5km if your lucky!

I changed spark plus coils and it still happened I thought I had fixed it because I managed to drive it for 5 hours but the heater was going and the car wasn't getting to half way then I turned the heater off and about 30 minutes later it did it again so now im thinking a heating problem.. by the time the mechanics get there with a scan tool the car has cooled down and is fine again... its rather annoying because I love my car and have put a fair amount of money and time into it.

Help please?

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To only happen after two hours of running is a weird symptom to say the least, as the car will heat up to full operating temperature in about ~5-10min or so...  This makes me think it's something to do with thermal expansion, e.g. something metal is finally getting up to too high of a temperature and then breaking some sort of seal, but that's not an ideal hypothesis because there's nothing that could thermally expand that would cause a car to lose all of it's ability to throttle as the throttle position and actuation is an electric system not a mechanical one.


Any other symptoms/actions you can point to that cause it? Do the mechanics you spoke to have any ideas at all?


I'd personally take it to an expert on these cars in near you to diagnose it, with something so weird.

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There are a bunch of things that it can be and an experienced workshop will be able to diagnose and fix it for you. Unfortunately being intermittent means it takes longer to work out so that means more cost.


Use forscan to see what codes are there now and it'll also show you the history of some of the codes. This will point you in the right direction. Make sure you write them down! Don't just clear them and go on your way cos you'll forget what they are and then be back to square one!


Apart from that you can try unplugging the throttle plugs, the plug to the accelerator pedal, the main harness plug and also the pcm plugs and then plugging them all back in again. It might sound simple but it can be a case of a poor connection.


Anyhow there's some first steps to take.

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I've takin my car to 2 of the top performance shops in my area and neither of them could locate the problem... on top of that they also couldn't find any codes it was throwing... I've paid over $1000 at this point seeking answeres to get nothing in return. 


As for symptoms erm now I think about it if I dont have the heater on and im stuck in traffic it will generally happen...  long before this issue it seems to boost cut if you punch it... and it also idles under 1000rpm when you start it and when your stopped in traffic.... 


Im honestly not the best at explaining things im sorry 


Everything else in the car was done perfessionally years before this issue. 

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hmm boost cut while punching it seems like it's related to coils; does it have a boost gauge, if so, how much boost is it making?


Idling below 1000rpm is normal for idling under normal operating temperature.

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.going with ignition coils. I also have a Maza premacy (same as a 323 engine) and after about 10 min driving it used to do exactly same issue as you say.... But come after turning it off and back on after like 10 min or so


In end it was a coil....was only running on 2 cylinders......I didn't think it would be coil as it ran fine for 10 min or so then did this.


Thermal expansion I'm guessing killed coil internally

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