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BA coils on FG rocker cover

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Gday guys, the build is finally coming to an end but just got a couple little things to finish off.

Ive got an FG n/a motor that im putting a turbo on using the BA harness so im using BA coils as they have a different plug. The FG coils bolt in while the BA ones are held down by rubber spacers against the coil cover and I want to make up my own spacers to do the same job as the BA set up on the FG cover. Can anyone recommend a product/material for the job? I was thinking a round bar of some sort of silicone rubber would be ideal but cant find anything. thanks for the help as usual

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I've used basic black rubber air hose, rubber fuel hose and garden hose. You can use superglue (CA glue), hot glue or anything else that will hold the hose in place either on the plastic cover or directly to the coils.
I'd be more inclined to use a larger diameter hose say 20mm like a manual fuel (marble style) siphon hose as the FG plastic trim doesn't have physical slots afaik

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To add to my last post. If the BA coils all sit proud in the FG rocker cover "valley" as such than a long single strip of large hose or anything compressible with enough thickness can just be cut to the full length to hold them all down in one hit...
Remember they don't need force to hold them down just enough to stop them wobbling and lifting. iow don't go overkill!

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