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New G6E FG MK2 NA owner - some issues

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Hey guys,

Love my new 2012 g6e, drives great, about 100kms on it too so it's still young.

Now...some issues I have picked up since owning it for the past couple of weeks that are really, really annoying. I hope you guys can help me on these:


1) My ICC unit (mk2) makes these weird noises even with no music on or climate control. Hard to describe the noise, kind of sounds like a shuddering.

2) the other day it was raining and the wipers were really annoying, seemed like everytime the wipers went up it made some weird noise (not on the windscreen, but something more internal that I could hear kind of near the steering wheel it sounded like)

3) With no music on, the ICC has static noise coming, to the point where I have to always have music on as I hate hearing it. 

4) My left headlight globe has now gone, where should I source this from if I'm in Sydney (North)? Never had to replace a headlight in my other cars so maybe this seems silly to ask.
5) This isn't an issue, but I found out the owner hadn't done the ZF service. I ordered 6L of the genuine oil from a cheaper source, going to be taking it somewhere to get it serviced (I'm not hands on with cars). How much will the service cost if I already got the oils? Any good recommendations? I heard Crescent Motors is good I think from reading on this forum.

If you guys could be of help with any of these that'd be lovely.


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1 & 3 are probably related to the same problem, an earthing issue. Take it to an auto-elec to look into it if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself but the first step in resolving earthing issues is almost always to replace/repair the engine-block-to-chassis earthing strap.


2... I'd be inspecting the wiper arms and seeing if it makes any noises when it moves without touching the windscreen. If it does, it could be the wiper motor or linking arms but probably won't make any noise unless it's on the windscreen and in that case it'll be the lack of proper setup of the actual rubber bit(s)


4. You can get a replacement headlight (if it's a projector type headlight it'll be a H7, if it's a reflector type it's a H4 twin-filament) and you can get those bulbs from basically anywhere, including servo's, kmart, any auto parts store etc. This is a specification of specific bulb type you need in your owners manual and it's quite simple to unplug/unclip and then re-clip and re-plug the replacement bulb.


5... 6L won't even be close to enough fluid to get a ZF fluid flush done... but CMS can definitely do the job properly for you and you can just contact any workshop to get a quote to get it done as this is definitely something you don't want to be attempting if you're not well into working on cars yourself plus having the required equipment to get it done.

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Thanks Keith for the response. I'll call a Ford auto electrician tomorrow for 1 and 3, would they also be the ones to help with 2? And what do you think the costs will be looking like?

Damn 6L isn't enough? Could've sworn I read somewhere on these forums that's what you need. Oh well I guess I can get the rest from the shop when I get it done. How many more litres are needed?

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if it's a wiper motor issue then yeah the auto-elec can help, but prices depend on parts, labour rates and how long it takes the guy to diagnose/fix it.


You need closer to 20L to cycle through it in the proper ZF fluid flush process.

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yeah, I saw your PM, but I've never heard a noise like that; sounds to me like you've got a CD stuck in there and the mechanism inside is trying to move it but can't, but that's a wild guess at best... here's the video for everybody else to see if they can recognise it:

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Haha thanks for posting it.

Yeah I thought it might be the CD thing but there is none in there and I don't know why that noise would appear randomly if I got music off or if I'm playing music via bluetooth etc.

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