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Power window issue

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Hey guys


So I’ve got a Ford territory daily driver at the moment and there’s an issue with the passenger side window which I’m struggling to diagnose.


The window is currently fully up, When you hit either up or down on the switch from either drivers door switch or passenger door switch you can hear the window motor work when it tries to wind up, but not a sound when you try to wind the window down.

I thought it may have been the motor so Grabbed one from the wreckers, same problem. I then bought a new window assembly with motor and regulator, removed the old assembly and chucked the new one in, still the same issue!


What could be causing the window to seemingly wind up normally, but nothing when you wanna wind it down?

Could it be both switches somehow on the fritz?


All other windows work perfectly from all switches.


Any ideas would be very helpful!


Cheers guys

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Potential relay issue?

Or more like a single wiring issue?

I’ve since discovered the rear drivers window will wind down from all switches, but only up from the master switch, not the single door switch

Wiring problems are a little over my head
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since it works one way, in terms of the motor trying to work, it's probably not a relay...

sounds like you need the help of an auto-elec, then :)

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yeah, it's extremely difficult to diagnose something like what you're describing unless you're both familiar with how to diagnose wiring issues and have the wiring diagrams handy and have the ability to track the wires with regard to pulling trim etc... so it's not an ideal situation to DIY it haha, so paying somebody is not the worst scenario.

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selling a car tends to bring out the niggles that cost a bit of money, eh... then you're like... should I keep it? haha that's how it goes...

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@pieman18 Jump on the Ford forums under their technical knowledge section they'll have wiring diagrams for the Terry.

Have you tried using the rear opposite switch assembly (swap them) to see if the dodgy side works? Unsure if it'll fit in the front though

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