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Xr6 turbo upgrade options ?

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Long time reader fist time poster, ive been following along and getting parts after reading all these helpful posts but im thinking about getting a bigger turbo for the fg ute and seen that ants has a gtx3584rs for less than a grand apparently bolt on (or so they say) just wondering if anyone has any experience with this or if I should head in another direction fyi my current mods are intercooler, oil pump gears, valve springs, walbro 460 (pump only in stock assembly intank) 1000cc boch injectors, a 4inch dump and high flow cat plus turbo side intake and batt relo. Any other essentials I should look at getting like surge tank or head studs. Any info helps, its my first ford and I kinda want to hit all the main things I need to make decent power somewhat safely without having to replace the more major things like gearbox and tailshaft ect. Its on 98 and a street car but in no way a daily... cheers cnts 


Also do I need things like aftermarket fuel pressures reg  and boost controller ect with what I have excluding the upgraged turbo 

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Looks like you've done most of your shopping smartly with that mods list.

You definitely don't need an aftermarket boost controller as the stock setup is quite capable for your requirements.


You don't "need" an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, but it's a good idea to get one with a 460 in-tank. You might get into an area where you'll get fuel surge even with just the 460 pump so might want to look at anti-surge options for the OEM tank or a rail-mounted surge tank up the front (move the 460 to the surge and get a cheap 255lph lift pump for the OEM tank in that case). You would want to have upgraded wiring for the fuel pump for the 460, especially if you leave it as the only fuel delivery pump.


If you can get a GTX3584RS for less than $1k, then you must be talking about the Pulsar copy GTX and @Puffwagon can tell you how that turbo goes as he's got one on his Territory, I believe (discussion about that turbo from here: https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/95767-puffwagons-territory-adventures/?do=findComment&comment=1701066)


Head studs are an insurance option and can definitely be done at a later date if you don't want to do them yet.

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