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FG Manual XR6T Ute Mods

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Hi All, after buying a ute at the end of the year, oil pump gears shattered and am getting it fixed soon hopefully, now while this is getting fixed should I get aftermarket headstuds, harmonic balancer, hd timing chain and guides? from atomic or another source? do I really need half of these? running 460hp has a few mods already, just trying to future proof it, sorry if this has been asked 1000 times... 


Maybe upgrading to a different turbo in the near future, probably a 76 G2, car will only ever see 98 and doubt it will see any track either, just a nice quick street car..


also at what power would I need headstuds done?

or tailshaft and diff? how much can they handle? and what other sources could I buy these from?


any info is appreciated. Thank you

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Won't need head studs on 98
Balancer is dependent on condition. My suggestion is inspect every so often.

Hd timing chain. Yes.

Guides and lower sprocket are a good investment. Plenty don't have issues, a few have nothing but trouble. OEM or atomic is good.

Tailshaft and diff are usually pretty strong, traction/abuse dependant

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