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This spray ceramic coating moderator's note: is a waste of money...

item is an expert coating item with hydrophobic impacts. This item likewise utilizes a blend of both SIO2 and TIO2 to offer extreme security from dust, water, daylight, extraordinary climate, grime, and other hurtful ecological components. You can likewise utilize this item to improve the exhibition and life span of your current sealant. 

This item is suggested by a portion of the expert vehicle detailers because of its viability and results. On the off chance that you need something easy to apply with the best outcomes, at that point this best ceramic spray coating by Mothers is for you! 

Remarkable Features: 
  • Super-hydrophobic security 
  • Water repellant 
  • SIO2 and TIO2 mix 
  • Ultra toughness 
  • Reflexive sparkle


  • Easy to use (Simply spray & wipe off)
  • Long-term protection
  • Effective against continuous water beading
  • Super affordable
  • You can also use it as an enhancer to the existing ceramic coating


  • Limited number of features makes it incompetent against other products
  • Creates dried up crystal flakes

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