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The Daily's Quest for 310KW!


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So yesterday was the big day!


I rocked up to MT (Monsta Torque) at 8am with a box of parts and a deep pocket 🤣


After all the trans cooling issues I've been having I decided to buy the PWR heat exchanger from Goleby's. We can debate about this another time, Rob recommends them and I trust him so I went with it. The cooler right on time before the tune, so along with that Rob installed the cooler and checked the oil. It has had a service and flush just over a year ago so another service wasn't planned, however I left it up to Rob to decide if I needed it done again (in the end it didn't).

Sadly, the PWR exchanger was missing the ENTIRE fitting kit!! Rob luckily had one last kit at his shop that he raided for the fitting kit - I'm now in the process of getting another fitting kit sent to Rob to replace the one he used. It was some decent drama to start off the day at the shop!


They also installed the Ultrex dump and cat for me, I tried on Sunday but couldn't get the blasted O2 sensors off 🤬


Finally came the tune! I arrived back at the shop to see the end of the tune, I got to see 2 pulls, I was so amazed that I didn't take any videos 🤣🤯

The sound that rig produced in the corner off the shop was absolutely insane! First time seeing a car on a dyno and I was seriously blown away, felt like a kid again 🤣

Ended up with 316kw at the hubs (you can tell me what that equates to at the wheels, I have no idea) and 675nm (derived, whatever that means) of torque. 

I'm over the moon with this result! Pic of the rig and the dyno below for those that are interested 😁





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Hey good result mate ! 

Torque Derived is the most accurate calculation of wheel torque hence it always being lower that all typical Torque figures 


316rwkw @ 16 psi of peak boost for 675NM is pretty much bang on a stage 2 package results 


I literally just finished a FG mk2 XR6T A6 stage 2 package on the chassis dyno and with 275/20* tyres/wheels I finished up at 305rwkw @ 14.2psi peak boost and 658NM. Obviously the key to performance is always the highest Torque figure for as long as possible ( and as flat as possible too ) with the least amount of boost to do it ;) 

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Figured this would be a fitting place to add these.

Brother picked up his mk2 FG from MT yesterday from getting Rob's stage 2 package + some other goodies.


Quick list of the stuff he's had done (probs missed some things)

- Mackielec Turbo side intake

- PW intercooler and piping (from stage 2 the package)

- F6 turbo (gt3582) + external wastegate

- walbro 460 (from package)

- 1000cc injectors (from package)

- xforce turbo back 4" exhaust (from package)


Tuned using PCMTEC, has 4 tunes. Vallet, low, med, high boost.

He's sh*t his pants driving it already and he's left it in the med boost tune


Will get him to send me a pic of the dyno sheet for those curious :)

He's started something.... I must beat him into the 400+kw club now xD 




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Sad times, I fear my turbo is on its last legs. Doesn't sound healthy at all 😥

That being said, it has done 142k km so its not all bad.


Hoping to get it covered under warranty, if not, my brother has offered the 3582 of an f6 he was using before rodney came to visit.

Sounds like this is gonna get real expensive real fast. 

I still only have a 255 intank pump, any ideas if it'll be able to handle a bigger turbo? My guess is it should be fine.

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