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The Daily's Quest for 310KW!

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Here's the obligatory thread to follow my dream daily's quest for 310rwkw! I want a place to add photo's, ask questions specific to my rig (without spamming other threads) and update anyone that may be interested!

I'll treat this as like a sort of "build breakdown" even though its no where near as tricked out as a lot of the other builds on the forum


I bought the car just over a year and half ago and basically immediately started saving and buying parts for the rig.

Here's a before and after shot of the car from the first time I took it out for some shots till the latest. 

I got the car on a loan for 95 per week with an interest rate of 6.75%. For my first ever loan I was pretty impressed with the low rates. The car was on the market for 17k with 102,000km on the clock, but after all the warranties and car dealership sh*t it totalled to 24k (interest included over 5 years).


First ever photo I took of the daily




Latest photo taken of the daily! 🤤

(Yes its blurred, but its the only one that is landscape xD)




The car is booked in with Monsta Torque in Perth on the 18th of January for Rob's stage 1 package on top of the work that's already been done.

The stage 1 package will include 1000cc injectors and will be tuned using PCMTEC.

My power goal for this setup is 310rwkw which I'm hoping is achievable on the stock turbo.


Engine Mod List

  • Billet oil pump gears
  • Plazmaman 1000hp intercooler
  • Intune Motorsports piping kit
  • Intune Motorsports oil feed
  • Intune Motorsports throttle elbow
  • Antz Performance Intake and battert relo kit
  • Ultrex 4" dump and high flow cat (middle muffler has been removed too)
  • Walbro 255 intank fuel pump
  • 1000cc injectors


Trans Mod List

  • Trans oil flushed at 115,000km
  • External cooler with fan
  • Hopes of prayers that she doesn't go boom


Suspension and handling

  • Superpro hybrid diff bushes
  • Superpro rear control blades
  • Superpro front upper control arms
  • Superpro Camber adjustment kit
  • BC Racing coilovers
  • Falken FK510's all round (however currently has the cheapest rubber I could get on the rear)
  • 100% fully legal wheel spacers


Audio stuff & interior

  • All interior lights changed for LEDs
  • Kayhan audio ICC
  • Alpine Type R mono amp
  • Alpine Type R 4 channel amp
  • Alpine Type R front splits
  • Alpine Type S rear coax
  • JL Audio dual sub setup
  • Sound deadened all doors and boot


I'm interested to see what you all think it'll make with the mod list mentioned above 😊

Keep an eye out for the new year when I'll be posting the dyno sheets 😁😁

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@Admin (as if) yea you're right. 300+kw was always my goal to reach for a daily. Although I've been told that even just a retune on these things completely changes the way it drives! 

Honestly I'm just really excited to have it tuned and feel the difference. First time I've ever done this much work to a car and will be my first ever "tuned" car. Cannot wait 😄

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  • 2 weeks later...

As exciting as all the mods are and were for me (325rwkw) sound deadening the cabin was an extra little thrill on top of it all. Improved my sound system and cut out alot of road noise. I hop in a non sound proofed falcon and think something is wrong with it haha.

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Update on the daily!


Installed the Walbro 255 and what a mission it was! Glad I did though, lots learnt in the process! Taking the cradle apart was a bloody mission, wiring was easy at least as it came with fuel safe crimps unlike the non genuine pump I had originally purchased 🤣


I checked the exhaust manifold bolts and a lot of them were loose, gave them a good tightening, I can't easily get to the ones near the manifold outlet underneath the manifold, such a tricky area to get to 🙃


Conveniently the battery finally caved in, I've been getting low battery warnings through the obd scanner for over a year and I think the new pump finally pushed it over the edge. A mate of mine works at SCA so I scored a sweet deal on a battery, the Century 67EF MF. 

My budget for a battery is pretty tight being that the tune is so close and I want to save as much as I can before it xD


Next on the list is a service. Oil and filter, got a new fuel filter and spark plugs going in just to be on the safe side. Considered doing a coolant flush but it was done about a year ago so it should be alright - let me know otherwise if you think I should do that too though 😋


Following that, I just need to install the high flow cat and 4" dump the day before the tune and it'll be good to go! 


Finally, hope y'all have an awesome new year's and celebrate accordingly! See you in the new year! 💪💪

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26 minutes ago, biddie_fiddler said:

spark plugs


Make sure they're done before the tune otherwise they'll start turning it up and it'll start misfiring. Same with coils if they're an unknown quantity.

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 Yea @Puffwagon I'll be doing them  either today or next week some time along with the service. To clarify, are you talking about doing them a week or so before the tune or do I give them to the tuner on the day and put them in then?


2 minutes ago, JETURBO said:

Put the Century battery back on the shelf and buy any other brand battery in the world and fit it 


Trust me ! 

Ahahaha for $120 I'm not bothered. If it gets me by for a year I'll get another. Its no where near good enough for the current setup in the car but I just needed something for the time being.

What's wrong with century batteries though?

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Century Battery's have a different coating on the plates which make it a more expensive choice off the batt and customers will tend to lead themselves thinking a more expensive battery is “Better” ... 


The fact is the smart charge on the later model falcons is somewhat confused by this output voltage the century delivers under charge and causes all sorts of Quirks within the system. 

I’ve rectified numerous ( not just me most falcon specific workshops have worked this out years ago also ) Gremlins,Quirks,rough idle, staling from just changing out a New Century for a New whatever else brand of size / capacity specified. 

As the Century battery ages it gets worse and worse yet will come up 100% perfect even on the latest expensive battery testers, There was an excessively bad batch from 2014-2017 where it was so obvious it was like shooting fish in a barrel to fix 





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26 minutes ago, JETURBO said:

changing out a New Century for a New whatever else brand


I just put a new battery in my vx and a there's a fairly new Century battery in my 06 tt wago. Should I swap em over or will it be a waste of time?

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Do some long term R&D and see what it brings you, if you have the smart charge system on the TT you’ll know what it is when it happens 


When flashing tunes in if you get false or incomplete reads/writes and fails you’ll know why too 


it’s the little things 

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So yesterday was the big day!


I rocked up to MT (Monsta Torque) at 8am with a box of parts and a deep pocket 🤣


After all the trans cooling issues I've been having I decided to buy the PWR heat exchanger from Goleby's. We can debate about this another time, Rob recommends them and I trust him so I went with it. The cooler right on time before the tune, so along with that Rob installed the cooler and checked the oil. It has had a service and flush just over a year ago so another service wasn't planned, however I left it up to Rob to decide if I needed it done again (in the end it didn't).

Sadly, the PWR exchanger was missing the ENTIRE fitting kit!! Rob luckily had one last kit at his shop that he raided for the fitting kit - I'm now in the process of getting another fitting kit sent to Rob to replace the one he used. It was some decent drama to start off the day at the shop!


They also installed the Ultrex dump and cat for me, I tried on Sunday but couldn't get the blasted O2 sensors off 🤬


Finally came the tune! I arrived back at the shop to see the end of the tune, I got to see 2 pulls, I was so amazed that I didn't take any videos 🤣🤯

The sound that rig produced in the corner off the shop was absolutely insane! First time seeing a car on a dyno and I was seriously blown away, felt like a kid again 🤣

Ended up with 316kw at the hubs (you can tell me what that equates to at the wheels, I have no idea) and 675nm (derived, whatever that means) of torque. 

I'm over the moon with this result! Pic of the rig and the dyno below for those that are interested 😁





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Hey good result mate ! 

Torque Derived is the most accurate calculation of wheel torque hence it always being lower that all typical Torque figures 


316rwkw @ 16 psi of peak boost for 675NM is pretty much bang on a stage 2 package results 


I literally just finished a FG mk2 XR6T A6 stage 2 package on the chassis dyno and with 275/20* tyres/wheels I finished up at 305rwkw @ 14.2psi peak boost and 658NM. Obviously the key to performance is always the highest Torque figure for as long as possible ( and as flat as possible too ) with the least amount of boost to do it ;) 

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