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To Loctite or not to with main studs?

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Can anyone help me with the pro's and cons for loctiting the main studs in on my current build?

I have upgraded the bottom end to 14mm, fitted a 13mm thick custom made girdle and hand finished all the stud holes into the block to exact depths required with a modified finishing tap so once I drop a 3/8" stainless ball bearing beneath each stud I have exactly 2mm clearance to the modified sump.


However ARP recommend to only hand tighten the studs before torquing up the nut, unless the studs are going to be left in the block.

Then in this case they can be locked in with Loctite....


My question is, how tight should they be torqued to, and what compound is going to be appropriate?


I would expect that 243 should be sufficient, with torque around the best one can achieve with a normal length allen key??

Once the nut is torqued the stud should be quite firm in the block.. but I don't know!!

Any ideas or experience with this fellas?

Cheers Ken 

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I like to just nip them up with an allen key. Because you're using a nut to clamp it down, you don't need to make the stud tight. Just a fingers worth of torque on an allen key is enough.


I don't think Loctite really matters for main studs cos they're not gonna come loose anyway.


Just make sure it's properly clean and use the supplied grease so nothing binds up and affects the torque setting.


It's not much but there's my 2c.

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