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Cat and Dump = louder exhaust?

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Hi, I have an FG mkii turbo that I'm looking to tune and get a bit of more note out of.


Does a hi-flow cat + dump pipe (and a tune) have any noticeable impact on idle / wot sound?


Assuming everything from cat back is stock.


I have heard conflicting information here. Can anyone with experience chime in?

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on WOT of course it'll be much louder with a dump and cat as you're in the drivers seat and it resonates more loudly to your own ears... at the tailpipe only marginally louder if it all on a stock cat-back exhaust and idle shouldn't change for the driver much if at all.


If you want note in all scenarios, you need to start replacing quiet mufflers with slightly louder ones. The first step is to replace the mid-muffler with a hot-dog.

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