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N/A into turbo build

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Looking to lose my Barra virginity. Want a high hp build. I Notice the turbo motors are hard to come by as a base platform. What’s the “need to knows” for building a naturally aspirated Barra into a high hp turbo Barra. 

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You need to drill a hole in the sump for the oil return of the turbo.

You need to change the conrods out for thicker/stronger ones.

You need to change the pistons to lower compression ones to suit the boost application and also go with forged pistons for extra strength.

You need to change the gudgeon pins and rod caps/bearings to suit the bigger conrods and pistons.

You need exhaust valves at a minimum for the head as they're different, but while you're there you change the valve springs, too.

You need oil pump gears and backing plate (any barra when you're building it)

You need timing chain guide and timing chain upgrades (any high power barra).


good luck :)

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That depends on the prices of the parts you're going to buy to make an N/A engine up to specification or better than a turbo engine, as compared to the price of the turbo engine itself. If you're only going for a mild upgrade and stick with around stock XR6T levels, then the turbo motor might end up better.

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