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System comms fault no icc screen

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Hey guys


So I’ve installed a couple of gauges over the weekend. Removed the ICC nice and easily, gained power from an accessories 12v source on the loom that powers the ICC (part of the headlight switch fuse) and earthed off the metal frame behind the ICC. Gauges light up and work fine, but when I re-installed the ICC the system comms fault flashes up on the dash and the screen lights up with the ‘Ford’ logo, then it goes blank. No radio or heater/aircon, but the lights still flick on with the headlights.

The car has previously had its origin ICC stolen and the unit in it is a replacement.


Any ideas wtf is going on?

Aside from teeing off one power source, everything else is untouched



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Fg mkii

I’ve tried the battery disconnect thing, I’ll just get the tuners to run a test over it, check the battery and whatnot


I also broke the Ariel wire at the bottom of the unit .......whoopsie
Having a stinker

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