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Mechanical Oil pressure gauge adapter

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Hey guys


Got a quick question regarding an adapter for a mechanical oil pressure gauge


I’ve got an auto meter mechanical oil pressure gauge to install (with copper lines), I just need advice on what adapter to use



Is this the right adapter for the mechanical gauge or is this only applicable to the electrical oil pressure gauge, or good for both?


Cheers guys

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You won't want the risk of a mechanical oil pressure gauge... if the line somehow disconnects inside (theft or failure) you've got high pressure boiling hot oil sprayed all over the inside of your car and potentially it's occupants. Go an electric gauge. To get an electrical gauge it's signal you get a t-piece into the oil-pressure-sensor switch on the turbo oil feed line point or you get a oil filter sandwich plate.

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It shouldn't matter whether it is electrical or mechanical in regard to the adaptor and it's placement as long as it is the right thread.

But same as Keith says, I'd be very nervous about having one inside the car.

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Mechanical is fine, dont worry about these big cats. Get a braided line and fit it properly, it will last you years. Mechanical  sh*tts on electrical.


I got all the brass fittings to suit whatever your doing from autobarn and supercheap. Buy some thread tape or thread sealant otherwise your sh*t will leak everywhere. 

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