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zf6 turbo transmission fault

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hi all,


I have an automatic fg xr6t on 180,000kms. its running 310rwkw. so this morning while I was driving to work, I realised it was acting weird while changing from 3rd to 4th..

just before it changes to 4th, the rpm was going up from about 2 to 4-5 then changing, and always doing this everytime it reached 4th. soon after the transmission fault icon came up on my dash.


I took it to my tuner in melbourne who tuned my car, and was told the gearbox is gone and needs a new one. I was quoted $4500 for a stage 2 transmission rebuild. just wondering if all this sounds right and the price is decent? 

cheers in advance for any feedback and help!

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umm. no, you don't need a new transmission, yet... get a proper ZF fluid flush done to see if it helps (you'd be surprised how many things this can help with)... if it doesn't then at worst you need new 3/4 clutches... if it's done other damage like electronic etc it might take a fair bit longer to diagnose but realistically it doesn't seem like an electrical/sensor issue.

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