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Front right caliper not working

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I have a BA Ute that has always had pretty average brakes no matter what I did. I just thought it was because of the stock ba brakes so I upgraded the fronts to 4 piston brembos and that made absolutely no difference.


When I bled the brakes after the upgrade I noticed something wasn’t right with the front right caliper, there was nowhere near the amount of fluid coming out as opposed the left caliper, which bled fine. The pedal has always felt fine and the car does stop fine but they don’t feel anything like the brakes on my bf sedan. A few months later after not washing the car for a while I noticed the front left rim is black with brake dust and the front right is very clean. 


I can’t see the problem being with the master cylinder as the front and rear are pairs, it can’t be the caliper itself because I noticed the lack of fluid dripping out of the hardline when the hose was disconnected from the stock caliper. 


Could this be a problem with the abs pump? Maybe a blockage in the pump or something further down that brake line?

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