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turbo smart actuator help

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Just purchased second hand turbo smart actuator apparently been on car for 5000ks before going external gate.

how many springs are meant to be inside? 

Bloke told me its 14 psi and than said car was making 23 psi

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It's probably a 12psi actuator with one itty bitty spring in it.


You can make roughly double the boost that the spring is rated for.


Here's a 12psi one disassembled.


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you might have to use a vice if there's enough spring pressure between the caps.

just ask the manufacturer which spring(s) you should be using based on your setup.

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it's almost impossible to tell since they don't mark their springs with manufacturer stuff, as far as I've ever seen. Just put in smaller to bigger springs until you're happy if you want to stuff about with it yourself, but otherwise just ask the manufacturer of the items.

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Legend explains it there are colors on springs. 

So a combination of them allows me to go higher and lower im assuming or only 1 at a time?


Scrap that read the picture some more all makes sense now thanks all!!

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16 hours ago, bitcrusher said:

car is running 15 psi with a boost t and stock actuator has supporting mods.

the one I have has 3 springs in it


its that springy its hard to put the cap on




Now that I think about it more, I reckon mine did have 2 springs. Fark knows where the other one went but the one in my pic is a 5psi spring.


I found the spring. I've if the kids had got in the shed and put it under the parts washer basket.

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