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Exhaust questions for NA+T Conversion

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So Im piecing together parts for a turbo conversion on my NA BF (idfc what you think its my car not yours).


I am currently running stock cat and headers but a mid hotdog and a rear straight pipe, all 2.5inch so standard size. I am just wondering if it will be enough flow if I just take it to an exhaust shop and get them the fix up a pipe to connect the stock dump to the NA cat and the rest of my system instead of forking out for a turbo exhaust.


Cheers for any input.

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You can't cheap out doing a turbo conversion on a non turbo..

I done what you did, trust me it's a waste of money unless you're going all out. If I had my time again I would've started with a turbo platform...

In the end you'll end up with all sorts of issues, mainly wiring/electrical. Transmissions are different, motors different, diff is different. I'm still fixing issues from my NA conversion 5 years after I did it.

Not telling you not to do it, just letting you know what you could be up for in the long run.

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Cheers for the advice mate, I've already put in a turbo cradle and lsd and a t56 box. Now doing the motor. I plan on buying internals and turbo bolt ons too, ie the intake manifold. Plus imo it's more fun converting this then just slapping a turbo motor in

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surely fitting a stock turbo exhaust is a cheap and effective option?


Just on that note the standard xr6t dump pipe to cat pipe is 3inch, then most flare into 2x 2.25inch pipes/mufflers to the rear of the car.

Keeping that in mind, your single 2.5inch system is a restriction on the stock turbo system.

will it still work, sure it will


now, xr6turbo motors will love to over-boost with a fre-flowing exhaust, more so complicated with a na motor having more compression.

My first iteration of na+t was a stock dump, with just a 3inch pipe to the rear of the car and the car would easily over-boost over 8psi and run out of fuel from the stock size injectors.

The stock b series injectors are quite small and cannot handle much more boost than standard.


personally id recommend you get decent fuel pump, decent injectors and tune the car to run on e85. the motor will love it and will last a lot longer.


even if you want to stick with budget, fit a FG Na plastic intake, use the slightly larger na injectors, or even the fg f6 440cc injectors can be found cheap. these will give you more headroom.

you could use fg injectors on your b series but you will need adapters from 3/4 length to full length injectors. I think there about $60 a set.

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