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Annoying squeak when turning, what could it be!?

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Hello again Xr6 fam, 


(that was gringe I apologise)


So for a while now I've had this weird squeak when turning. It mainly happens when I'm parking, so slow movement and when I'm on and off the brakes. It happens every now again if I'm turning from a standstill at a traffic light.


I've been under the car, checked the upper and lower control arm bushes, and the radius arm bushes thinking it could be one of the culprits. 

I didn't notice anything bad with the radius arm and lower control arms but the upper arm bushes were completely toast on both sides. I replaced them with the superpro replacement arms (TRC1008) and also put in the camber adjustment kit from superpro too. 


The squeak it still there!! I've recently just taken the brake calipers off to inspect them and the rotors, the front rotors are probably due for a replacement soon, the lip at the edges is pretty deep. 
The rotors came off really easy! weren't stuck like they were on my brothers FG mk2 turbo, had to hammer the f*^%ers off. I did notice though that because they came off easy, they also could squeak a little when it wiggled them (this was with the brake calipers on). The squeak from this was a little different to the one I've been hearing but that could be because the load on them is different in both cases.


Is this a common thing with falcons? I'm thinking I might replace the rotors and put some anti seize on the wheel hubs to see if it stops the squeak. 

Any other things worth giving a try? 

Also, what is a good indication that the radius arm and lower control arm bushings are flogged? 

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I had the same noises at some point and just made sure to put the front rotors back on nice and snug with the wheel on a little tighter than spec and the noise went away. It was the exact same in parking lots and low speed corners and the rotors being a little loose.

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I was thinking it could be this because its never under heavy load when it happens. that's usually a sign of bad bushes.


I'm planning on replacing the front rotors soon when I replace the calipers with some refreshed and painted ones. Gonna try see if some anti seize will help a wee bit 

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