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New build - EFR 9174?

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Hey there. I'm in the States and am working on throwing an FG into a 65 Mustang coupe. Shock towers mean I'm stuck building a custom turbo manifold, so I don't have the GTX limitation of staying with the stock manifold. Goal is to have a responsive throttle setup, something that's fun at a road course and on curvy streets. Something that can do a 10.5 402m drag run. I'd rather not replace pistons/rods/etc for now. 


For conversation sake, let's say I have a 2013 270T. In/around it is:

Boundary oil pump, anti-cavitation plate

ARP head studs, Atomic washers 

Atomic valve springs 

HD timing chain, guides

Atomic spec'd balancer 

ID1300x injectors, Weldon 2035 pump

Driven by Haltech ElitePro PnP 


Currently I'm on a borrowed engine as mine is still floating across, so any pics or questions will probably make it seem I don't. Currently have a 195 in the car, more for mock up. 


Thinking I'll do a twin scroll t4 setup, EFR of some sort. 9174 for the power and throttle response? Any recommendations on hotside a/r? I read from someone the 9180 1.45 was the ticket, but figured the 9174 gives me better turbo rpm and a bit better throttle response. 


Those in the know: suggestions? Tuners to talk to about my setup/goals? 


Thanks for any help! 

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get some oil pump gears with a backing plate, if that's not specifically what you mean by the first item in your list.


if you're going a EFR, then it won't have the throttle response and spool of a GTX3576R or the stock FG turbo (approx a GT3576R), and the T4 manifold you're suggesting will cause further lag.


a ported with flapper stock exhaust housing will do fine if you're keeping T3, but if you're going T4, exhaust housing is really a personal choice with regard to both setup and spool/throttle requirements.

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Yes, sorry, the Boundary stuff is the plate and gears. This stuff to be exact.


I got the idea from an Aussie tuner page saying the ultimate setup was an EFR 8374. Of course, now I can't find it to get the name of the shop. Maybe I should go with that? Or do you think the spool of a Gtx3576r is still quite superior and I should make it happen anyways? 


I thought t4 twin scroll would be better than a t3 open for response? I also do want to make some power, 4-500 rwkw.

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cool, that oil stuff will do the job... didn't realise "boundary" was the name of a company as it also applies to gear configurations in an oil pump


not sure how much benefit a twin scroll offers, realistically... but I'm extremely skeptical that it'd be better than a T3 open for spool.


a GTX3576R is a fantastic turbo for the 4L Barra and on E85 supports 450rwkw in it's native platform and will be plenty fast in the smaller/lighter mustang platform

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nah, rotation doesn't matter. bigger A/R just means slower spool, but more capacity for moving air... so you go the smallest you can without choking the airflow capability of the engine at higher revs, ideally. Check compression/flow diagrams for each specific setup if you want to make your own assessment or get advice from a turbo expert.

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Of course. Look more into the gtx3576, find the FB post/comment that pointed me at the efr setup initially. 




Nizpro Turbocharging This turbo has very similar response to the stock small FG XR6 turbo while being able to produce 80-100kw more power.

The only turbo that we have tested that can out perform that is a BW EFR 8374 however it is more complex to fit.


I'll keep looking into the GTX setup in the mean time. Thanks! 

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I have the 9174 on an iwg 0.83 exhaust housing - the BW housings are way better designs than the Garret. This turbo spools just as quick as the gtx3576 gen 1 I had before, the midrange is way better and will go >500rwkw on E85.

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