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Which one is going to be the better choice?

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Hey guys, I'm in the process of choosing a street use turbo for my new engine that's getting close to the final stages of assembly.

I have already chosen a turbo for dyno and off street use, a Garrett GTX 4709R, but I understand that it's not going to be my best choice for daily use.

I keep going back to the likes of 2 similar sized turbo's a Garrett GTW 3884r with a 67mm inducer, and a Aeroflow boosted 6762 for street use.


Both are internally gated with a 42mm flapper and ceramic ball bearings.

I plan on just swapping the tune, manifold and dump pipe when changing to the bigger/smaller Huffer as the 4709 is fitted to a 6boost and is externally gated.


Has anyone had much to do with either 3884 and the 6762?

I still plan on running 30psi+ with the smaller setup and don't want to prematurely wear it out!

Any advice will be taken on board when making the decision.

Cheers Ken

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I would also like to know seems the aeroflow is a reputable manufacturer at a good price. I believe it's equivalent to gtx3584rs but half the price. Gtw3884 you can get for a little more money in super core and know you will have a killer set up. Im also stuck in 2 minds but the gtw has proven itself.

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