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derived torque is based on roller size & rpm... force is just measured as "Newtons" normally and then the size of the roller is known so it can be Newton-Metres, e.g. "torque". From mainline:


In order to simplify the Torque values even further, both Dyno Manufactures have what
we term “Derived Torque”, which is a calculated value based of RWKW and “Engine

RPM”, this calculated “Derived Torque” takes any gear multiplication out of the equation,
so one very good way of using Derived Torque is, if you have a particular car that had
3.46 diff gears, and has now been changed to 3.7, the Derived Torque value will not be
affected, whereas the Roller Torque will, due to the fact the overall gearing of the car
has changed.

On a Mainline DynoLog, the user has 4 available RPM signals available to the software
for it to Calculate the Derived Torque, Tacho RPM (ie HT lead, injector trigger etc),
OBDII Tacho RPM, ECU Serial/CAN Data Stream, or lastly, Derived RPM from the
Roller Speed. The first 3 options will provide very accurate Derived Torque values,
whereas using Derived RPM (which is based on a ratio of vehicle dashboard tacho
against roller speed), will not be very accurate on a Automatic car due to the varying slip
ratio of a torque convertor, but will be accurate at whatever point the Derived RPM figure
was set. Dyno Dynamics also have a version of Derived Torque; we believe its just
called RWNm or just Torque Nm on a Graph when printed.

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Ok well it's the last one then.


Here's a couple of pics






For those interested, the end of the pull is at 7500rpm, not 8000rpm. The fall over is either from it being revved past the efficiency point of the cams/cam timing, or the intercooler is not loving life. In "normal" driving you wouldn't rev it to 7500, you'd only take it to 7000, so you wouldn't see it dip like that.

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Not bad all considered.


Fuel pumps are maxed out, injectors were maxed out, intercooler is maxed out, torque converter unlocked, trans at 90c after a couple of pulls, catch can should have been emptied so sucked bong water into the engine and blasted it out the bov...


Upgrades in the future but that's where it'll stay for a while. Haha might have to give the intercooler a clean next week :rolleyes:

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