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that's just the external gate pipe.

exhaust is a full exhaust with one muffler. it does occasionally pop out there but I think the gate has to be closed. 


side note this will also melt your super-china wastegate seal.

I currently run the gate with no seal, 4.5sping, no boost reference and it runs 7psi boost "mechanically" good enough for the bush.

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In order to understand things better I pulled the trans apart again.


There are a few ways to go about creating a zf 6r80 hybrid. You can use various zf parts and just use the bare minimum 6r80 parts, or you can use a few extra 6r80 parts for extra strength.


When my box was built it was a bare minimum build which imo should not be done. I'm not a fully sick trans builder by any means but I'm not a dumb fark either, and I can see several issues that I would address and do differently when starting from scratch.


Long story short you should use the actual 6r80 intermediate shaft which is different than the zf intermediate. You then need to use a 6r80 shell to suit the shaft diameter. Running the 6r80 intermediate shaft allows the stock bushing location to be utilised and as such the shaft will run in a replaceable bush instead of the inside of the input shaft. There is a spacer made to fit the zf intermediate into the 6r80 input shaft but it has poor support and oiling. With only 3 weeks of use it has already started wearing the inside of the input shaft. There is a reason bushes are soft and not made of farking steel!


Anyhow I thought I'd get that rant it of my system, I had to scratch my head and wonder why the fark you would do it that way when it's easier to use 6r80 parts.


I have the parts needed to swap it over but I need some new bushes for my 6r80 shell. While I'm there I'll put a billet 6r80 intermediate shaft in. This won't be until Xmas time so here's hoping it stays intact until then.


Farken :headbeat:

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Haha yeah no worries, swapping a snapped input shaft is quick and easy. What, you mean you don't want to leave your car and credit card with me for a year while I learn me some stuff?!

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Lol, I'm beginning to understand your spending habits. I'll have to take classes in psychology to justify a 1000kW Barra to the other half... I don't think you will be good for my marriage.

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I wrote phycology. Apparently that is the study of algae.
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