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BF jerking/rocking when stopped in D

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Hey guys, so I’m having a problem with my BF, where when I’m stopped at the traffic lights or just stopped in general with it in D or R, the car just jerks. Best I can explain is that it’s like it is cammed, it does the little quick reving and rocks the whole car.


My BF is obviously not a cammed drag car haha, but I have cleaned the front side of the butterfly in the throttle body and tried as best on the other side as I didn’t take the whole TB off, I changed spark plugs yesterday, and I pulled all coils up, and they where all clicking away and the revs dropped as well when pulling them up. So not entirely convinced it’s a misfire, but I’m not a qualified mechanic after all. I’ve also recently done a service on it (oil, oil filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, 2 flushes and coolant) and I have been only using 98 in it. 


as I said, it does it when I am stopped, on the brake with the car in D or R. It stops when I put it in N or P.


if anyone can help me here I would be extremely thankful. I have provided 2 videos inside the cabin and the engine bay. Both videos I have handbrake on, in drive and on the brake pedal.

Edit: sorry, I also forgot, I think it started around when I put in a wrong battery. Old battery was pretty shot, so dad put in a good battery he had. It’s not the proper battery for my car, it doesn’t fit too well with the battery holder, so I’m. It sure if this has something to do with it or if is doing something with the alternator? I don’t know, I’m not a car scientist. Car also has a small exhaust leak.

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