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Battery light stays on

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Hey , ive got a BF turbo ute the battery light stays on when the car is running, the guy I purchased it from said it's done it the whole time he's had it and never drained a battery, lately its been flashing off and on when pulling up to lights or round about and the engine pulses with the light . Any ideas 

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that light is meant to indicate that charging via the alternator is failing... but if the previous owner is telling the truth, then it'll be the sensor for the "charge indicator light" that's failed or the alternator is overcharging.



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Ended up getting a flat after not starting it for a couple of days , got a new battery  getting 14.4v coming back to the battery, light is still on in cluster , now my reading light work sporadically like if I've got it on accessories it will come on when the window goes down. Could this have something to do with my ignition ? because I've got to turn it back a notch after starting it

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